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Access Youth Academy

Transforming the lives of underserved youth

High School graduation rate
Student Earned Scholarships
National title wins
College acceptance rate

Potential Made Powerful

Access Youth Academy was created in 2006 to transform the lives of underserved youth through academic mentorship and urban squash. In a 12-year commitment that begins in 7th grade, Access students embark on a curriculum of intellectual, physical, and social development where academic enrichment, sports training, and financial support combine to help them realize their full potential.

The dedication required of both scholarship and sportsmanship creates a culture of character and determination- one that yields powerful results. Access Youth Academy shapes champions and leaders, with skills that fuel students through high-school graduation, on to elite universities, and well beyond into their careers.

Over a decade later, we see leaders where young students once stood. And in today's students, we see dynamic, empowered lives unfurling on the court, in the classroom, and in communities- proof that so long as opportunity is there, exceptional effort and guidance will take young people to places they never thought possible.

Join us in celebrating another year of success as Access grows our program to serve more first-generation college students, expand access to an active play space, and provide sufficient guidance, support, and access to opportunity for students to break the cycle of poverty and find success. All donations benefit our transformational squash and academic enrichment programs, helping underserved youth achieve their dreams of success in high school, college, and beyond.

Social Responsibility


• Volunteering
• Giving back to the community
• Sense of belonging
• Support system
• Planning for the future
• Moral duty

Academic Achievement

• Problem solving
• Planning & strategy
• Responsibility & self sufficiency
• Ethics
• Focus & discipline
• Public speaking

Health & Wellness


• Improve mind, body & spirit
• Stress management
• Balanced life
• Self-discipline
• Healthy habits
• Emotional & physical well-being


• Decision making
• Role model
• Ethical character
• Sportsmanship
• Strong morals
• Self-confidence