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Why 2015 Was My Year for Giving Back & Why It Should Be Yours Too…

By Ryan Ginard, Development Director.

As 2015 draws to a close I’m finding myself more often than not reflecting on the year that was. Many of my own personal highlights come from dealing with the joys and challenges of a rapidly expanding family (new puppy, baby due in February), evolving as a fundraiser here in my new role at Access, and being a contributing member of my community, regardless of where I came from (its Australia if you were wondering…). I really am at a point where I’m truly excited for what my future holds.

However, for the record it has to be noted that I have been blessed with opportunities at every turn and continue to be afforded this luxury to this very day.

While I am myself a first generation college student from a true working class family (mother is a nurse, dad was a cleaner), I wasn’t born into poverty, nor did our family unit break down over my formative years. This structure, stability, and support is something many were deprived of and to me is one thing that I have never taken for granted.

Being aware of my own upbringing has shown me that giving back is paramount. I believe that no-ones life story should be pre-determined by what zip code they were born into and each and every one of us have the resources to be able to narrow the inequality of opportunity for those that are most at risk of never graduating from high school, let alone reaching their undoubted potential.

That’s ultimately what drew me to Access Youth Academy. The possibility of working first hand with amazing kids who have to overcome their own unique adversities to achieve their dreams of going to college was – yet another opportunity – too good to miss. In the end it was a great decision – there is not one day that passes when I’m not inspired by their commitment and determination to succeed.

I mentioned earlier about things being afforded to us to never be taken for granted. We can’t do this here with Access either. Its critical that we continue to support the dreams of these students by making donations to ensure they can have that extra SAT prep training, donating our time to help mentor these kids who crave advice from a friendly voice when they most need it, and much, much more.

Make no mistake, our successes are fuelled by the generosity of our donors and we continuously need them to go that extra mile to help us deliver our award winning programs.

These holidays I encourage you to help us continue making a difference in one of three ways;

  1. GiveThanks to your generous support, all Access Youth Academy services are offered with no cost to our student’s families. This year The Parker Foundation is also matching donations up to $15k!
  2. VolunteerOffer help to students with their homework, special academic projects, & applications/scholarships to extra-curriculum programs.
  3. Become a MentorMentors are committed to creating a long-lasting relationship with one of our Access Youth Academy students. Mentors provide support for their mentees in a number of situations, where all a young person needs is an experienced friend to help guide them through their academic, professional, and personal endeavors.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2016 here at Access Youth Academy. So lets not take too much time to reflect on the year that was but be excited for what we can all achieve together in the years ahead.

Happy Holidays.


Ryan recently joined the students for a community service event with The Hunger Project to help feed 620 homeless San Diegan's - a truly rewarding experience for all!

Ryan (right) recently joined the students for a community service event with The Hunger Project to help feed                                         620 homeless San Diegan’s – a truly rewarding experience for all!


Campaigns, News

Planned Giving Partnership

Access Youth Academy joins The San Diego Foundation in new planned giving partnership.

 Access Youth Academy is proud to partner with The San Diego Foundation who have shown 40 years of commitment to the success of San Diego’s nonprofit organizations, and understand that organizations such as ours are key to sustaining and enhancing the region for future generations.

This new partnership will go a long way in assisting Access in our future endowment-building and planned giving efforts including:



An endowment is a permanent fund whose assets are invested to generate income to be used for charitable purposes. An endowed gift is invested rather than spent with the investment of money generating an ongoing source of income year after year to fund our programs.

The San Diego Foundation manages over 150 nonprofit endowments with an in-house Chief Investment Officer who oversees the management of such endowments.


Access to Planned Giving Specialist

Access Youth Academy has a Development team of two staff members but in some instances of more sophisticated giving vehicles The San Diego Foundation can lend their expertise. The San Diego Foundation employs a Certified Specialist in Planned Giving, who can provide information on potential gifts of real estate, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and various tax laws. Our specialist is also available to attend our donor meetings as appropriate.


Professionally Prepared Gift Illustrations

Joining with The San Diego Foundation allows Access Youth Academy to use specialized planned giving software and create illustrations and simple graphics of various planned giving opportunities. The document includes the gift amount, charitable deduction amount, tax implications and a comprehensive description of the specific planned gift and how it works. These illustrations are provided free of charge to Access for use with our donors. Donor names can also remain confidential.


Charitable Gift Annuity Program

In exchange for an asset, such as cash or appreciated stock, Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) provide a fixed income stream for donors and at the same time can benefit Access youth Academy. Nonprofits who want to offer this popular planned giving option are required to have a CGA license by The State of California’s Department of Insurance which is extremely expensive and due to this are normally held only by big Foundations and Universities. Because of this planned giving partnership, Access can use The San Diego Foundation’s CGA license. More than 25 nonprofits across the county have already taken advantage of this opportunity.


Charitable Trusts Program

As a partner of The San Diego Foundation, Access is able to obtain lower management fees on Charitable Trusts, savings that can be passed onto our donors. These reduced fees are due to The San Diego Foundation’s relationship with U.S. Bank Charitable Services, which manages a portion of The Foundation’s planned giving assets.

We are pleased to partner with The San Diego Foundation to offer these charitable gift opportunities. We truly believe this support will help Access become a truly sustainable nonprofit which will be able to transform young lives in perpetuity and help improve the quality of life within all of our communities.

For more information on the range of planned giving options available to donors of Access Youth Academy or to receive brochures on planned giving and charitable gift annuities please contact our Development Director, Ryan Ginard, on 858-202-0406 or via email



Access Youth Academy Annual Report

This has been a really great year for us, we have graduated 7 students, accepted 10 additional students into our program, and we are working on expanding our program into other areas of San Diego.  We look forward to sharing with you all the progress we make throughout 2015!

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Friends of Access

Access Youth Academy has launched a brand new monthly giving program and we want YOU to join us!  Transforming young lives at Access needs many resources, and your ongoing support as a Friend of Access is one of the best ways to help.  With a donation of $10 or more per month, you can ensure a student has necessary academic tutoring or important squash equipment for them to practice.  To thank you for your generous gift, you will also receive perks including Meet & Greet events with the students and staff and one entry into the annual San Diego Beer Run.


Get more information on how to donate by clicking the link below!