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Planned Giving Partnership

Access Youth Academy joins The San Diego Foundation in new planned giving partnership.

 Access Youth Academy is proud to partner with The San Diego Foundation who have shown 40 years of commitment to the success of San Diego’s nonprofit organizations, and understand that organizations such as ours are key to sustaining and enhancing the region for future generations.

This new partnership will go a long way in assisting Access in our future endowment-building and planned giving efforts including:



An endowment is a permanent fund whose assets are invested to generate income to be used for charitable purposes. An endowed gift is invested rather than spent with the investment of money generating an ongoing source of income year after year to fund our programs.

The San Diego Foundation manages over 150 nonprofit endowments with an in-house Chief Investment Officer who oversees the management of such endowments.


Access to Planned Giving Specialist

Access Youth Academy has a Development team of two staff members but in some instances of more sophisticated giving vehicles The San Diego Foundation can lend their expertise. The San Diego Foundation employs a Certified Specialist in Planned Giving, who can provide information on potential gifts of real estate, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and various tax laws. Our specialist is also available to attend our donor meetings as appropriate.


Professionally Prepared Gift Illustrations

Joining with The San Diego Foundation allows Access Youth Academy to use specialized planned giving software and create illustrations and simple graphics of various planned giving opportunities. The document includes the gift amount, charitable deduction amount, tax implications and a comprehensive description of the specific planned gift and how it works. These illustrations are provided free of charge to Access for use with our donors. Donor names can also remain confidential.


Charitable Gift Annuity Program

In exchange for an asset, such as cash or appreciated stock, Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) provide a fixed income stream for donors and at the same time can benefit Access youth Academy. Nonprofits who want to offer this popular planned giving option are required to have a CGA license by The State of California’s Department of Insurance which is extremely expensive and due to this are normally held only by big Foundations and Universities. Because of this planned giving partnership, Access can use The San Diego Foundation’s CGA license. More than 25 nonprofits across the county have already taken advantage of this opportunity.


Charitable Trusts Program

As a partner of The San Diego Foundation, Access is able to obtain lower management fees on Charitable Trusts, savings that can be passed onto our donors. These reduced fees are due to The San Diego Foundation’s relationship with U.S. Bank Charitable Services, which manages a portion of The Foundation’s planned giving assets.

We are pleased to partner with The San Diego Foundation to offer these charitable gift opportunities. We truly believe this support will help Access become a truly sustainable nonprofit which will be able to transform young lives in perpetuity and help improve the quality of life within all of our communities.

For more information on the range of planned giving options available to donors of Access Youth Academy or to receive brochures on planned giving and charitable gift annuities please contact our Development Director, Ryan Ginard, on 858-202-0406 or via email


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Access Youth Academy has announced its 4th graduating class and their college acceptances. The six students, Anais O.  (UCSD), Chelsie D. (Colorado College), Kevin C. (Denison), Kevin L. (Wesleyan), Sarabi R. (Cal – Berkeley), and Zeke S. (UCSD), joined the Access program in 2009 and through their hard work and determination have collectively leveraged $980,000 in scholarships across their four years in college to help them begin this exciting new chapter in their lives.

Executive Director, Renato Paiva, was immensely proud of this years graduating class having seen them grow and develop into confident, driven and compassionate young adults.

“Every kid deserves an equal opportunity to fulfill their potential and these students are now well on their way to achieving this. They come to Access without many of the advantages some families in the region are blessed with, but through our program and its focus on academic enrichment, health and wellness, leadership and social responsibility, they leave with so much more – an expanded family and support network they can always call on upon.”

“Although we are sad to see them go (with many leaving San Diego for pastures new), we are excited to continue working with them through the next phase of Access’ 12 year promise” Mr. Paiva said.

This is the fourth graduating class from Access Youth Academy and next year will see a number of significant milestones. Not only will the organization celebrate its tenth year of transforming young lives, but also see the first wave of college graduates from tertiary institutions such as Columbia, Amherst, the University of Pennsylvania and five students that went to local Universities such as San Diego State and San Diego Christian College.

All six students were formally recognized for their achievements at the Access Youth Academy 2015 Graduation celebration held on Sunday June 7th, 2015.

rsz_1img_4376Photo (L-R): Scott Barton (Principal, The Preuss School UCSD), Anais O., Sarabi R., Chelsie D., Kevin C., Kevin L., Zeke S., Renato Paiva (Executive Director, Access Youth Academy)


Celebrate 2015 Graduates!

Join us in celebrating the 2015 Access Youth Academy Graduates.   Team Four’s graduation will be held on June 7th at 3PM at the home of Blair and Georgia Sadler.  Please RSVP!




Congratulations Graduates!


Access Youth Academy is very proud to introduce to you our 4th graduating class. We welcomed Team 4 into our program in 2009 and over the past six years have proudly watched them grow into the successful individuals that they are today. Through their hard work and determination they have been accepted into their dream colleges and collectively leveraged $296,900 in scholarships to help them through this exciting new chapter in their lives. Although we are sad to see them go (with many leaving San Diego for pastures new), we are excited to continue working with them through the next phase of Access’ 12 year promise.

Sarabi, 17, University of California – Berkeley
“I joined Access Youth Academy as a seventh grader because I wanted to develop a passion. I had tried a variety of sports but I didn’t have the skill or the money to be able to participate in an athletics club outside of school. I also wanted to be a part of a team; one of the things that attracted me the most about Access was the unity among everyone. I wanted to be a part of that. Access helped me along my middle and high school career by helping me develop the study habits I needed to be successful, providing me tutors to help me in subjects I was struggling with, and welcoming me to a second family. One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about being a part of Access is having the opportunity to travel. I have visited amazing cities and I’ve had the opportunity to meet incredible people that have inspired me to continue my path to college. I hope to come back and help Access in whatever way possible in order to make sure that it continues to make an impact on students lives as much as it did on mine.”

Zeke, 18, University of California – San Diego

“Joining Access as a 7th grader in 2009 was quite frightening at first. I wasn’t used to the new environment and being exposed to new surroundings. I was grateful for this opportunity because it granted me a new experience to meet new peers. Access has presented various opportunities for me to excel in the academic and athletic field. With SAT prep classes and jointed community service trips at St. Vincent de Paul, I was able to develop phenomenal working skills and leadership qualities which I didn’t have coming into Access. Throughout my years at Access, I cherish the fact that I met some of my closest friends here. As I continue through my college years, I will keep Access updated with my successes and volunteer as much as I can. ”

Anais, 18, University of California – San Diego
“I became a member of Access Youth Academy, which at the time was Surf City Squash, at the end of my 6th grade year in 2009. I was immediately attracted to the sport because it was unique and physically challenging. In the past six years of the program I’ve been able to expand my relationship with my teammates and cultivate new relationships with tutors, club members, staff, and younger Access students. Access has gone above and beyond to provide myself and the other seniors with resources like SAT tutoring and college visit trips to expand our horizons. The extensive community service organizations and hours as well as the countless roles of leadership and participation made available to us have made each and every one of us competitive college applicants. Though in the fall I will be starting a new chapter of my life by attending The University of California San Diego, I still wish to maintain my relationship with the program and its members. I’m looking forward to coming back during practices and team parties to see how the younger team members and the program continue to grow. “

Kevin L., 17,
Wesleyan University

“I’m really grateful to have entered Access Youth Academy in the beginning of my seventh grade year because I never knew how much it would change my life. Without Access, I wouldn’t have been introduced to a new family, support system, a sport that I grew to love, and the college I will soon be attending. I joined Access because I knew that it was a great chance for opportunity and success. With the great staff and volunteers, I grew to become more motivated and determined to strive for the best for myself, my family and my community. The opportunities to travel to the East Coast to participate in camps and tournaments allowed me to fall in love with the area and helped me transition to the new environment. My most favorite thing about Access is the family it gave me. No matter what, there are always feelings of family and love going on in the program, and I will always feel loved by these people. I get to share many special moments with these people that I will never forget. I vow to always come back to the program during my school breaks and give back by helping out with anything they need. I want to give back to them because this program did indeed change my life. Now as an aspiring college freshman in the fall, I will keep up to date with Access and my family to show them what their hard work and dedication has led to!”

Kevin C., 17, Denison University
“I joined Access in 7th Grade, I joined Access because I was really curious what the sport squash was and what the program was really about, but after tryouts I found out that I really like to be in this program because of all the aspect Access has to offer such as tutoring, SAT Prep, and squash opportunities. Access has provided me with many opportunities such as tutoring. For example, when i was in 8th grade my GPA started to drop dramatically because I was hanging out with the wrong crowd in school. Access offered me one to one tutoring to help me improve my grades. Most of all Access is not just a normal after-school program but it’s a life changing experience that has helped me get where I am. Access has taught me many valuable life skills and lessons. For example, Access taught me that being a good squash player isn’t everything, there are three important aspects that make an athlete extraordinary, heart, mind, and physical abilities. My Favorite thing about Access is the squash opportunities they offer such as nationals and squash tournaments. Access offers free squash tournament to all the student in Access and I really like that because it gives a chance for all the student to have fun and compete against other kids from around the country. Most of all having Access gave me the opportunities in 2013 to participate in team nationals taking place in Boston, Massachusetts, which was very thrilling because I really wanted to compete with the other programs to see which program was the best. It turned out that we won 1st place in Bu19 division which made us the first boys team to win the National Title in the history of Access. I will connect with Access when I go off to college by coming back on breaks as an alumni and sharing my experience playing college squash and my experience with college. Also, I will come back to Access to help get Access students prepared for college. I really want to spread the awareness of Access and what the program is really about so we can expand the program to help serve more students.”

Chelsie, 18, Colorado College

“I joined Access in 2009. My older friend, Erik Huynh, was on Team 1 and he encouraged me to join Access once he found out that I got into Preuss. The way that he talked about the sport and the program encouraged me to try out. I’m glad I did because Access has given me a number of opportunities, whether it was on the squash court, in the classroom, or elsewhere. Because of Access, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to the East Coast, meet politicians, and play in tournaments. What I love most about Access is that the staff truly cares about us — it’s not just a job to them. They genuinely care about us, our well-being, and our future. When I go to college, I will continue to keep in contact with the Access staff and my teammates. I hope to volunteer at Access when I come back home for breaks, too.”