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Summer Experience: Exeter By Natalie R.

This summer, I was given the fantastic opportunity to attend Phillips Exeter Academy up over in New Hampshire. It was quite the enriching experience. I got the chance to choose my classes, live in a dorm and travel all on my own (very similar to college)! This summer school program lasted about 5 weeks, and although it sounds long, it flew by before I even knew it. I was able to take 3D computer design, Drawing, and Intro to Psychology class, as well as play squash of course, and had tons of fun in all of them. Throughout those 5 weeks, I made plenty of wonderful friends, go on many exciting trips and even got to learn so much from my classes. I definitely plan on keeping in touch with close friends as well as apply what I learned there to my daily life. Truly, Exeter was such an amazing experience unlike any other and I hope that I will be able to do it again.

By Natalie R.