Victor Marques Joins The Access Development Team


Access Youth Academy is happy to announce that Victor Marques has joined the development team as its new Development Coordinator.

Victor was born and raised in Salvador, Brazil, and earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Ruy Barbosa University. Following his graduation he spent two years as an Associate Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, providing external team audits for many non-profit and for-profit clients.

Making the big move to California, Victor spent almost three years with the non-profit organization Junior Youth Empowerment Program where he helped raise the capacity of young adolescents to understand the realities of their community and empower them to serve and transform their neighborhoods.

Get to know the team – A Q&A with Victor Marques

What drew you to this role at Access?
Coming from another youth focused non-profit and learning more about Access’s mission is what ultimately attracted me to apply for this position. I was able to see the impact the program has in the lives of those youth evolved and wanted to play a role. By empowering the youth to take ownership of their academic, professional, personal lives allows them to become positive agents of social transformation.
What are your goals for the coming year?
Because I’ve recently move to San Diego, I feel that for this upcoming year I will be learning more about ways to contribute to the betterment of my community.
What motivates you in life?
What motivates me in life is the desire to always strive for excellence in all different aspects of my life. This desire pushes me to excel higher and higher levels. 
What are your hobbies?
I enjoy surfing.
Do you play squash?
I actually had never played squash before joining the Access team, but now that I have learned the basics and played a few times I can see the sport becoming a hobby of mine as well.
Victor will be predominantly working on small gifts and grants. You can contact Victor at