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Team 4 East Coast College Tour – Wesleyan and Columbia

Team 4 visiting Columbia University

WESLEYAN by Chelsie

Of all of the colleges we visited, Wesleyan in particular stood out to me. The campus was beautiful and the town surrounding the campus was very quaint. The athletics facilities in particular were very nice. Perhaps the one thing that made Wesleyan stand out was the kindness of everyone on campus. Once we got on campus, we asked a random student to point us in the direction of the squash courts, and he so kindly walked us there! The squash coach and one of her players that was present were incredibly welcoming. Their positive attitudes only kindled our love for Wesleyan. Before visiting, I knew nothing about Wesleyan. Now, its one of my top schools!

COLUMBIA by Kevin L.

Columbia University is located on the busy streets of New York City. However, as I walked into campus, I didn’t feel any of the busy aspects of NYC. The gated community of Columbia University blocked out the busy outskirts of New York and opened up a park like campus that seemed so beautiful. Walking through each building reminded me why Columbia is my dream school, as the engineering program is strongly supported and its students seemed so happy and motivated to work. I look forward to applying.