Nina attends Rady Childrens Hospital: Summer Medical Academy

My summer program just ended and it was truly bitter sweet! The entire time I thought about Access and how cool it was that I was able to live such an awesome experience. We had an agenda that was packed to the brim with hands-on experience and I was exposed to so many different possibilities and careers in the world of medicine. From eastern approaches like acupuncture and Chinese herbs to the western methods of CPR and inserting IVs, the Academy has really shifted my interests in the medical field. I came in the program wanting to be a pharmacist and know more about the world of prescription drugs. Though those interests are still strong and prominent, I also was exposed to the world of action and being a first-responder. It is thrilling, exciting, and very admirable work that I also see myself being a part of.

Throughout the program, we were also able to hear panels, network, and ask many questions with a large population of those working in different fields in medicine. One major thing that stuck out to me the most was that nearly all the doctors did not know that they wanted to be doctors when they were my age. It was a windy and curvy path to get to where they were, and they made many different decisions based on their lifestyle, interests, and passions, to end up where they are today. And they are happy! Sitting there and hearing their voices so animated and pitched at the excitement of their everyday work life makes me excited to begin mine. Rady Children's Summer Medical Academy has reassured me and made me become more confident in my decisions as I begin my senior year. It has also motivated me to work harder to achieve my goals of going to medical school and pursuing a job that I am excited and zealous to wake up to every morning. 🙂