SATStudy Program

Juniors Take on the SAT

SAT Prep
As part of Access Youth Academy’s commitment to getting students into competitive colleges, each year we provide an SAT prep course for our juniors. Taking into account student and instructor feedback from previous courses, this year we scheduled the SAT prep course so that it would lead right up to the March 10th official SAT testing date.
Since November, the juniors have been meeting with Academic Coordinator Conor Robinson and a 99th percentile SAT expert for targeted practice and highly individualized tutoring. This has comprised three officially proctored SAT practice exams and more than 20 hours of SAT instruction. Our goal was for each student to make 200-300 points growth over the duration of the course, and it looks like most of them will meet that goal.
On the morning this newsletter goes out, the students will all be testing simultaneously at locations around San Diego. Don’t wish them luck! Congratulate them for all their hard work. We are confident they will do well.