Why I'm Thankful

By Christine Trinidad, Program Director

Thanksgiving has always felt more like a season than a holiday for me. The air is brisk, dusk is prettier, sweaters are back in rotation. This year is different though. Today as I was on my morning commute, I started running through all the names of the college students who could be coming home for break, wondering how long would they be here for, when would they stop by the facility, how their college experience has been going so far. I have been working with Access Youth Academy long enough now to see students growing up, continuing on to college, and now coming home for break. I get to hear about their new world and all the things they are excited about. I get to see how all their hard work in high school has paid off and that this new experience is changing them for the better in so many ways.

I am grateful that I get to wake up everyday and work towards something that is bigger than me. I get to work with people who want to help students achieve more by becoming more than they could’ve ever thought of. I am a part of something that continues to grow everyday.

I have always been a big fan of turkey. Big fan. This Thanksgiving, along with baking with my mom, I have a tradition of the season that is new to me. Something that brings me joy and is simple in its existence. I am really proud and excited to see our students and grateful to be part of the urban squash movement.