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Brave New Voices – Akatzin and Talha





Shall I compare thee to a trick candle?

You’re more stubborn than this magical light

Even more than what people can handle

Always putting up a very strong fight

Such captivating and beautiful flame

With great strong illuminating powers

Your wild sparks no one can possible tame

It’s possible to go on for hours

Your flame makes everyone smile and laugh

But your endless light can annoy others

Those who try putting you down make a gaffe

Your humor can be a great bother

Ordinary candles aren’t like you

After all I guess you already knew






Hopeless Emotion

Helpless Devotion


Can’t See

Courage Dies

Confident Lies

Love is Care

Caring is Loving

At the End

You will Succeed

There will be a path

But you can make the decision

Give up

Or concern