Student Blog



On the third day, we drove to New Jersey to visit Princeton. Along the way, we drove into a small town. I spotted deers and foxes in the rows of beautiful green trees. I felt anxious because Princeton was in my top 3 colleges. When we arrived on campus, we saw the athletics center with its contemporary architecture that I did not expect. It was beautiful. We met up with Isabella, a Princeton senior who plays on the squash team. She showed us around starting with the athletics facilities which were great. We then walked up to the different departments as Isabella answered questions about Princeton.

It was interesting to learn that Princeton did not have Pre-Med or Pre-Law and that the professors focus more on the undergraduates. I also learned about the eating clubs, which intimidated me at first because I have heard from other colleges about how exclusive they can be. However as we understood more about them and had the privilege to visit Isabella’s eating club, we both became more open to the system. The school was huge because it took us a while to walk around most of the campus. Princeton was overall very architecturally diverse and beautiful. The students, especially Isabella, were friendly and helpful, and they made our college visit very worthwhile.