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Team 4 East Coast College Tour – Wesleyan and Columbia


Team 4 visiting Columbia University

WESLEYAN by Chelsie

Of all of the colleges we visited, Wesleyan in particular stood out to me. The campus was beautiful and the town surrounding the campus was very quaint. The athletics facilities in particular were very nice. Perhaps the one thing that made Wesleyan stand out was the kindness of everyone on campus. Once we got on campus, we asked a random student to point us in the direction of the squash courts, and he so kindly walked us there! The squash coach and one of her players that was present were incredibly welcoming. Their positive attitudes only kindled our love for Wesleyan. Before visiting, I knew nothing about Wesleyan. Now, its one of my top schools!

COLUMBIA by Kevin L.

Columbia University is located on the busy streets of New York City. However, as I walked into campus, I didn’t feel any of the busy aspects of NYC. The gated community of Columbia University blocked out the busy outskirts of New York and opened up a park like campus that seemed so beautiful. Walking through each building reminded me why Columbia is my dream school, as the engineering program is strongly supported and its students seemed so happy and motivated to work. I look forward to applying.

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Team 4 East Coast College Tour – Trinity, Brown, Yale

Trinity Squash Courts

Trinity Squash Courts


TRINITY by Sarabi

When I ask my friends that have started college and ask how they picked their college they usually reply “it just felt right.” That’s exactly the feeling that I got from Trinity. I loved the environment. As soon we were driving onto campus I began to excitedly take pictures because the campus was breath taking! The squash program was amazing too. All of the players from the team were from all over the world and you could really feel the chemistry the squash team and the coach had. It felt like I was surrounded by family. Before Trinity was just another school in the list of schools I was thinking of applying too but after today’s visit I realized it’s the school for me. Visiting today motivated me to continue trying hard in school and study hard to increase my SAT and ACT score. I really hope I get accepted there, it’d be a dream to be a Trinity student.


BROWN by Anais

Brown initially struck me as a very welcoming and cooperative college campus. One of our first observations was the waste specific recycling bins, which we had not seen at any of the previous campuses. This gave me the impression that both the students as well as the faculty respected the environment. One of the aspects that stood out the most to me personally was the walls in the athletic facilities. From the stair cases to the brick wall in the wrestling and squash section, the walls are plastered with photographs of athletic events, fans, and players. The beauty stretches beyond the athletic facilities and squash courts, to the surrounding campus and buildings. Although it appears quite ordinary from the outside, the varsity center is incredibly elegant inside. The new pool and work out facilities are open to students with the swipe of a card.



Brown University gave me a lot of interest to apply. The freshman tour guide of the squash team had so much interesting information for me, and it felt good to listen because she was in my shoes last year when she applied to college. The interesting aspects of Brown include a great engineering program, and makes the engineering students take 4 liberal arts classes, which allows them to be more well rounded. That interests me to attend Brown because I would like to be a well rounded student. It was good to see a very diverse body and learn about Brown’s culture. With a lot of engineering clubs and opportunities, I want to apply to Brown University.

For Yale, it was quite different. The setting was in an urban city area, where Brown seemed more suburban. The tour was only an hour long and we got to see all the buildings of Yale, which resemble Gothic-like buildings. The 15 squash courts seemed like a great opportunity to have access to many courts to use and play. In my opinion, Yale is a great school and has a great squash program!

Brown and Yale would seem like my type of schools to apply to and attend in the future.

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Team 4 East Coast College Tour – Harvard, MIT, Tufts


From Left to Right: Zeke, Anais, Kevin L., Kevin C., Sarabi, Chelsie


HARVARD by Kevin L.

After the nearly seven hour plane trip from San Diego, California to Cambridge Massachusetts, I was of course tired. The minute I entered the squash facility at Harvard University, I felt instantly rejuvenated and welcomed. The 14 squash courts and 1 glass court amazed me and inspired me to play college squash. When I heard the recruitment advice given from Coach Way and Assistant Coach Hammond, I felt happy to know that I would be able to play college squash for not just Harvard, but any other college as well! After visiting the football field and campus surroundings, I knew that Harvard was a great school that consisted of many diverse people that were very inspiring and motivational.


MIT by Zeke

The first day of the East Coast trip was extremely exhausting, but was worth it all. One of the colleges we visited on the first day was Massachusetts Institute of Technology, also known as the famous MIT. When I first saw it, it was nothing like I expected it to be. It was right in the middle of the city with people walking back and forth across the campus. The entrance was very huge with columns stretching far up to support the building. I enjoyed how the college connected to the city life because it gave the place an urban feel. The squash courts were very inviting and it made me want to practice on those courts. Overall, I enjoyed the college, because of it’s setting and it’s connection to squash. The coach for MIT squash, Thierry Lincou, gave out excellent advice and explanations about the school itself and how students balance themselves. Visiting MIT erased my old thoughts about how it must be secluded and old looking, now I see it as a great school connecting the city, the sport of squash, and academic life for all.


TUFTS by Kevin C.

We visited Tuft University on our first day of our trip. When we walked past those doors I started to get a weird but good feeling in my stomach. The more we walked around the more I liked it and I now know that the weird feeling was a sign that Tufts University is right for me. Also, I like the setting of Tufts, being in the suburbs, it made it feel more like a small college. I can really see myself attending their campus. Tuft University fits me personally and I think it’s the perfect college for me.  After attending the campus tour and visiting with the students, I have now added Tufts to my top three colleges I’m applying to and will hope that I get in.


Team 4 at Tufts University
L to R: Zeke, Chelsie, Sarabi, Anais, Kevin C., Kevin L.

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NUSEA Citizenship Tour Recap – by Sarabi and Chelsie


This past summer, my teammate, Sarabi, and I visited the East Coast for NUSEA’s Citizenship Tour. The Tour was focused on taking politically-engaged students from different urban squash programs around the nation on a 9-day trip from Boston to Washington, DC to visit historical landmarks and meet politicians. Before the tour, I was only vaguely familiar with what was happening in the world. Visiting places like the White House and Capitol Hill, meeting politicians, and discussing issues while on the tour made me a much more worldly, engaged citizen. I was also able to play squash with one of my role models, Senator Gillibrand of New York! It was an amazing experience that I am incredibly thankful.

-Chelsie D.



Part 2

Summarizing accurately my experience at Citizenship Tour is extremely hard. As Steven King says “The most important things are the hardest to say” and that is because in those 9 days that toured the East Coast my life changed. From meeting Deval Patrick, the governor of Massachusetts to visiting New York for the first time, every day was filled with excitement.  I learned about the importance of being an involved citizen, meeting with all the politicians made me realize how much many of them really care about making a difference. Kristen Gilibrand for example told us about how she was really trying to lower the cost of college tuition in New York, and she also was working to help college students and military members that had been victims of sexual abuse.  I was able to see through her eyes that she was passionate about the issues that she was fighting for; she didn’t just do it for the show. All of the people that we met were passionate about what they were doing, when I got back on the plane back home I realized that I too wanted to make a difference and it motivated me further to work harder than ever to make sure that I do. Meeting students of different squash programs was one of my favorite parts. We all came from very distinct backgrounds but we all loved squash and were determined to succeed. Being surrounded by people that shared the same goals as me was inspiring, I realized that I wasn’t alone. I cant begin to describe how thankful I am for having that amazing opportunity.




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